Friday, November 8, 2013

Fast Fashion and its consequences

From the beginning I would like to point that I do respect the change and the positive contribution of Fast Fashion to the world.

         By Fast Fashion I mean brands that are serving the medium and medium/low segment of the market, brands which are affordable, trendy and have a short time to market.  Usually they bring all the important trends of the season from the catwalks in the store in two weeks. They have an acceptable to low quality of the textile and production and are appealing and trendy.

         Fast fashion offer gives to everybody the possibility to show their individuality, the chance to wear the trends of the season and not pay the high price of the top brands item, develop our expressiveness and creativity by forming our own style. It gave us the possibility to look good and prepare for the event much faster and with less effort; even if I must admit that I miss those times when the creation of an outfit was taking days or even months, when the model was only in my head and the creation was so sweet and challenging.

With all this new possibilities and opportunities I expect to see good dressed and stylish people around me, beautiful and happy people that are confident in themselves and showing it by way they look. Which learn and give an example of lifestyle to their children, family or friends.

Looking around I ask myself what actually happened? Did we learn from that or we just took it as granted and used it in the easiest way possible, by filling the wardrobes at maximum. Unfortunately I think we are more deceived and bored, nervous and always in a hurry, dressed with low quality clothes, artificial textiles and most of the time in total disaccord to the event. With shiny skirts during the day, transparent blouses and skinny pants on every type of body, and in the evening the creativity has no borders.

We didn’t learn to respect ourselves but we take what is given to us. We didn’t understand how to dress but we let others sell it to us. We don’t ask but just accept, because we’re too lazy to get it as we think we need it.

To be continued…

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcome to My Worldrobe

         Was thinking what to write in my first post since my head now is full of ideas and being an perfectionist it becomes extremely difficult to satisfy myself.

First I would like to point that I am not an professional writer and will need a bit of time for improving, so please be more understandable with me, at least at the beginning, will try to learn fast

Second would like to explain where it came from my need to share my thoughts with people that I don’t know and why I thought it can be interesting for anyone. So, first I think the world around us can become better and that learning and listening to each other we can become better, not everybody has time nor interest to read about fashion, good food, health, manners, lifestyle or behave but he can hopefully find it interesting to read it from some blogs, like mine J. I gathered all that confidence in myself to become public because I really think there is some things that I can share with you, people.
         I was and still work in fashion, I like to travel and I like to observe people, actions, movements, cities everything what helps me to see and understand the life from another prospective. I like to communicate and to socialize with interesting people (thinking that all the people with respect and education are already interesting) and understand their points of view, way of living or opinion on a particular subject

         One year ago I completely changed my life, I decided to move to another country and start everything from anew, not because I was disappointed in my past position but just because I fell in love, with a man that made me follow him. That was my biggest challenge until now, and I still believe it was the right move. He is a great man J

         In the end for this post, I will share with you my thoughts; misunderstandings, doubts and opinions about every day live, about fashion, culture, food, men and social relationship. I am sure we all have the same issues we just manage them differently, and this is the beauty of being a unique person.